Thursday, February 26, 2009

Praise God~ Where would I be without him?

I am so thankful !
I have really been trying to keep track of answered prayer, and wow it is amazing the prayers God has answered. Recently my husband got an offer on a vehicle that was just a steal! Beings our 2 cars have high miles and are getting old we felt like this would be a deal to go for! As I prayed I just asked God to NOT give me my way or desire but His will. This purchase would give us a car payment, and not knowing what the future holds, I didn't want to make the wrong decision. God knows the future. So many times in our past we made bad decisions and paid the consequences for it. I know for us it is very hard to WAIT and pray. God did close the doors, and I am so thankful that he knows what is best for our family. Sometimes God allows us to have those things, that really are not his perfect will and we are sorry down the line we didn't follow Gods lead.

God is so good! I am rejoicing today knowing that I can come before God, and he will answer my prayers, he knows our future and what is BEST!


Peggy said...

Praise God! I am happy for you:) Sounds like you were looking for the same reasons we were - high mileage! My car had 160 k miles and Scott's had over 100 k too. But now we have that car payment and I am nervous about that, but the future is in God's hands.

Isabel said...

I join your paryer in praisn=ing God for his goodness!